Swamp Fox Murals Trail Society  -  Manning, SC Murals

M 1-3        Pond Bluff to St Stephen’s Church, 2010, by Terry Smith             

                  Simpson Hardware, 110 N. Brooks St.    N33.698 W80.207

M 4           Ambush at Half-Way Swamp,   2004, by Liz & Adam Williams         

                  B Mart,  1 W. Rigby St.                           N33.697 W80.211

 M 5          The Swamp Fox,                         2006, by Donna Van Wynsberghe                          

                  Rent-To-Own, 35 N. Brooks St.              N33.696 W80.211

 M 6          Francis Marion Reflections,    2011, by Terry Smith                           

                  Citi Trends, 16 W. Rigby St.                  N33.696 W80.212

 M 7          Swamp Fox at Ox Swamp,      2001, by Will Anderson                          

                  Public Safety Bldg, 42 W. Boyce St.       N33.695 W80.213 

M 8           Marion Statue by Bob Barinowski & Murray Ferry Historic Marker               

                  Edward Jones, 1 S. Mill St.                     N33.695 W80.212

M 9           Citizen Soldier,                           2003, by Dayton & Sandy Wodrich                           

                  Manning Piggly Wiggly, 36 Sunset Dr.    N33.691 W80.212

M 10-12    Battle of Wyboo Swamp,      2006, by Terry Smith                                 

                  Manning IGA, 600 S. Mill St.                  N33.686 W80.211

M 13         Marion Militia Needs,             2013, Terry Smith                                 

                  Anderson Pharmacy, 419 S. Mill St.         33°41'16.8"N 80°12'45"W

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